"I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country." -- Nathan Hale


Much of the history of the Hubbardton Military Road is unknown to us. Like many aspects of history, the truth is slowly slipping away from us. Because the HMR was built over 225 years ago, there is no one living to tell us first hand of its construction, usage or even the exact route. The best known account of the history was told by a local historian named Joseph Wheeler. He was a librarian from a family of librarians, who retired in 1945 to Benson and set out to find all he could about the Mt Independence – Hubbardton Military Road.  He wrote articles and in 1968 he published them in a hard cover book.  He died in 1970. Currently, the Castleton Free Library is in the process of making the complete book available online for everyone to read. Because the book is difficult to find, this will be a great benefit to all interested in learning more about the HMR. As soon as the Castleton Free Library makes the content available, we will provide a link to that resource.

If you want to buy a copy of the Joseph Wheeler book, there are some available online. Click HERE for a copy on EBAY or click HERE for a copy on Amazon.

Don’t want to pay for one and want to find one locally? Click HERE for a listing of what local libraries have copies for your reading.


Thanks to the generous efforts of Bill Powers, the complete Joseph Wheeler book is now available for free! He took the time to scan the complete book and make it available for download. There is no reason to worry about copywrite issues because Joseph Wheeler wanted to make it available to everyone and had no restrictions on his published works. The file is 55MB, so be patient with the download time. Click HERE to download.

Thanks to the further efforts of the Castleton Free Library, the book is offered in a smaller download size and individual parts.

  1. Military Road Front Matter.pdf

  2. Military Road Part I.pdf

  3. Military Road Part II.pdf

  4. Military Road Addenda.pdf


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The History of the Hubbardton Military Road

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